This is where Snapshot Pro comes in

As councils move towards working on community-wide emissions reduction, it is critical that they have in-depth, reliable and easily accessible data upon which to plan programs and collaborations.

Profiling the key greenhouse gas emitters in your region

The Key Emitters Profile is the first in a suite of new tools the Snapshot team are developing for Snapshot Pro. The Key Emitters Profile aims to provide governments, businesses and community groups with dynamic, easy-to-understand information about the most significant carbon emitters within their area.

Build effective relationships with your local greenhouse gas emitters

Reaching out to key carbon emitters in your community can be daunting. Signing up to Snapshot Pro gives you access to a working group of collaborators who can share their experiences of what works when building effective relationships with key emitters.

Data you can trust

The Key Emitters Profile builds upon the methods used in Snapshot Climate. We believe it is the most accurate data on key emitters available to Australians.

A tool that grows with your ambitions

The Key Emitters Profile is not a static report, but a dynamic dataset that is continually improving and being updated as more information becomes available, with a pipeline of planned features and inclusion of additional data sets. We are offering many councils and communities tailored and more detailed features for those ready to take steps beyond identifying key emitters.